The Tumbling Dragons LLC's. Dragonize Syndicate is aimed at teaching the Goal Process within the Goal Process. Our goal is to reach 5,000 homes every month the mail delivered paper version of the Magazine. 

Just as Tumbling Dragons is a small local business, we want to help you get the proper recognition and response in potential clients. Help us promote the Goal Process to the residence of the Peoria, 85383, and we'll be just as honored to put your business name and reputation right in the mailboxes of 5,000 homes and businesses right here in this area. 

The magazine is 16 pages and has 28 sponsorship placements. As we are aiming to get the first issue out, to sponsor is $200 for the 5,000 copies distributed. That's only $0.04 per mailed magazine. 

We can even help you with the artwork at our pleasure (no charge), if you don't already have your business artwork done already. 

In addition to the printed copies, your business will be displayed on our websites right margin under the "Dragonize Syndicate" tab. Check out the Sample Layout.


We look forward to talking with you. Please call Morris Anderson at 480-779-0599 to begin Sponsoring the Goal Process, teaching our local community to Believe Greatly, and Achieve Greatly.